Das lange Elend

Analoge Fotografie, 2010 Das Lange Elend (=The long misery) represents the longest block of flats in Berlin. It was built at the time of the German Democratic Republic in the Lichtenberg district. Several families live here in direct juxtaposition, but without having any personal contact. This represents a typical German way of living. You do not know your neighbours personally, or much about them. In the western part of Germany, these apartment blocks are called ‘Ant flats’ and they represent a typical design of the GDR; these block of flats can also be found in West Germany, as they constitute a typical architecture of the post-war era. During this period they were luxury apartments for families. Today, more and more elderly people live there, as well as poorer families.
The name "Das Lange Elend" was given to this block of flats by the inhabitants of Berlin. On the one hand because it is long, on the other hand because no one knows what's going on inside.

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